A Branding Session

 As times change, so does the way we market our brand. Adding personality and friendliness to your brand is a great way to create strong engagement with potential clientele. A Branding Session at Creative Shin Studio will enhance well-branded visual presentation of you. Your visual presence is an excellent way to further your brand or company's first impression, whether that be on your website, social media, or printed marketing content.  


Open Bar Hospitality is one of New York’s premier staffing agency and bar caterer, established by Lisa Lindo in 2000 along with her husband George Duval. Based in New York, Open Bar Hospitality provides staff around the tri-state area, some of today’s top fashion retailers, celebrities, and corporate clients.

                   Homemade syrup, SIMPLE SYRUP, for cocktail mix or tea by OPEN BAR HOSPITALITY. MUST HAVE!

                   Homemade syrup, SIMPLE SYRUP, for cocktail mix or tea by OPEN BAR HOSPITALITY. MUST HAVE!



Lisa and I sat down to learn about why she was interested in having a Branding session. Her needs were to promote OPEN BAR HOSPITALITY  by reaching out wider ranges of potential clienteles, not to mention of her visual presence on media platform as the owner of her business.

We discussed feels and vibes of the overall imagery, creating completely different sets of looks. Office, cozy living room set and also simulated event evening scene. All relevant to what her business is about.

Then the style guide! From professional to comfy yet stylish was the direction of the goal I wanted to create from the session. Makeup guide was followed by as well.

On the day of the shoot, we all had such a fun and great time plus images. Lisa's husband George created amazing cocktails for the crew with SIMPLE SYRUP, which he makes at home with carefully selected ingredients. It was the best cocktails ever! And after about five hours of shoot, we all needed such a tasty special drinks!

The images executed as intended. Lisa, well branded with her brand. Professional, fun, energetic, sophisticated and yet very approachable. I believe her images will create stronger engagement with audience!

Cheers to Lisa and Open Bar Hospitality.