Branding Session Q & A

1. Q : Is A Branding Session only people who own a business?

  • Absolutely not.  Remember "You are your own brand."   You carry yourself and your work in your own way.  From business owners, to entrepreneurs, to social influencers, to artists and performers, anyone can  benefit from having a Branding Session to further their own brand, regardless of their field or position.


2. Q : How does A Branding Session proceed?

  •  First contact us, of course :)  A pre-planning session by email, visit or phone call is necessary, which takes about an hour. During this session, Hyuna will ask many questions regarding your  business or profession to get to know you.  Details of characteristics of your business including how you operate it, in what manner and what target audience, and of course, your ideal visual presence. This process will help Creative Shin Studio's team to determine how to execute the visual outcomes from the session in a way that is best suited for you.


3. Q : How soon should I contact to have a branding session?

  • We recommend contacting us at least 10 days in advance. We like to get to know you, talk about yourself and your brand, and plan what works best for you to make your shoot as successful as possible. We generally set up an hour meeting over the phone or in person to discuss the Branding Session, your brand, and what you wish to get out of your personalized Branding Session. In addition to our meeting, our team does research with the information you provide to design the and create the perfect environment for your shoot. This also gives both yourself and the Creative Shin team enough time to prepare props, outfits, location reservations, and stage set up, if necessary. Your goals are our priority, therefore, we want to have time to be able to get everything ready for you. 


4. Q: If I want to get my hair and make up done before the shoot, who should I go to? 

  • If you have a preference towards a specific hair stylist or make up artists, you may go ahead and contact them to schedule an appointment before the Branding Session. Please be sure to schedule accordingly to be able to arrive on time to the shoot. If you'd like, we have connections with amazing hair and make up artists that we have worked closely with over the years. For an additional charge, they can come into the studio where we have a make up and hair station set up to help you look your best. If you'd like they to stay for the entirety of the shoot for make up and hair touch ups during the shoot, that can be arranged as well.

Please contact us so that we can reach out to our make up and hair stylists and provide you a quote for the session. 


5. Q: How many outfits, props, etc. should I bring?

  • The purpose of different outfits and props is to show your audience that you are not one dimensional. Our goal is to capture every side of your personality and character through the lens of your brand. For the in studio session, bring at least three outfits, but we recommend having more options to mix and match depending on the vibe of the shoot. Props are encouraged as a way to create an environment for your shoot. If you sell a product or produce physical work in any way, feel free to bring that in to incorporate it into the shoot. We also encourage any additional props that match with your personality so your audience can know who you are through the Branding Session.


6. Q: What is the break down of the different collections for the Branding Session?

  • In Studio: These shoots are in our wonderful and spacious photography studio located in Meatpacking District of New York City. We provide three different style of shooting during out in studio session. These Branding Sessions average at about 2 hours of shooting. 

  • In studio & work environment: In addition to the three looks in the studio, we provide a session done in your personal work environment, whether that be in your office, studio, location, etc. If your business is not site-specific or shooting on location is too intrusive to your business, we can recreate or simulate your ideal work environment  within our studio using props and staging designed by our team. We love getting creative with our set design to provide you with the most real images possible. This requires additional planning. 

  • In studio, work environment, & outdoor location: If you want to go all out, we provide all of the following styles in addition to an outdoor location of your choice. If you have a favorite park or neighborhood of the city that you or your brand identifies with, we're happy to help you plan an outdoor shoot to provide you with the most variety of images to promote your business. 

For more details on the collection, visit our Collection page. 

* Each Branding Session Collection varies in cost. Please contact us with the collection that best fits your needs with any additional details so we can provide you a price estimate.*