Artist Statement

              Overcoming fear of reveal, whether it is physical one or emotional one, I am one of the big supporters. Part of it is my endeavor of surrogate satisfaction of what I missed during the childhood but major part of it is to encourage people to liberate themselves to experience the least and the most freedom. Free to your own self and free from worrying how others view you. Hence empower your own self. As often experience, one of the big tasks is to overcome fear of any sorts.

           Fear is an ultimate assumption stems from individually pre experienced events.  Once fear is exposed, momentarily we encounter transitional emotions, such as feeling of shamed, worried or scared. It varies depending on a person, as I witnessed over the photography projects. After the brief transition is followed by true feeling of being free.  Freedom lets us to open heart and become mindful to acknowledge what is there in real and appreciate for what it is.

            Through my camera and eyes of mind, I become an advocate to those who desire to take a step to experience how beautiful it is to conquest fears of none and bare.  It is metaphoric journey and I document the individual’s journey,  who is longing for embracing themselves!