Hyuna Shin

Hyuna Shin is a dedicated portrait and commercial photographer. Since 2004, she has worked with numerous magazines as well as commercial clients. Throughout her career she has achieved various awards such as the PDN Look Award and advertising photographer of the year 2010 by Herald. 

Visit Hyuna Shin's Commercial Website : www.hyunashin.com

Clients : 

               Arena Homme Plus Korea,  Culture Australia, Highlight Magazine, GQ, Cosmo for Latinas, Esquire, Seventeen,

               Deux Hommes Magazine, Vogue Girl, Spirit & Flesh Magazine, Inked Girl, Hearst Publication, Harpers' Bazaar

               China, And Men,  Nylon Korea, Avenuel.

               Samuelsohn, Max & Chester, E-Land Kids, Granada Sales, 3FNYC, Hilton Hollis NYC, Piccolo NYC, SinneaZac,

               Lissome Lounge NYC.

               LG Mobile, Millenium Hilton Hotel, Paradise Hotel Casino