A Branding Session with Chef Chris

How well do your clients know you? When your business revolves around giving your clients a feeling of trust and personal connection, your visual presence is key. Linking your message to your visual image builds that feeling and makes every outreach more effective. Your visual presence strengthens your brand in a way that words alone can never do.



Meet Chef Chris


Christopher Nirschel is the founder of NY Catering Service, providing private chef services, full-service food catering, party planning, cocktail mixology, and event management. His clients adore him for his easy-going personality and hilarious sense of humor. When exploring his personal traits during our branding session, I made sure to bring out the best in him so that his clients know they're in great hands when working with NY Catering Service, Chris, and his amazing team. 


Chris serves up a great dish and some delicious drinks, but what his clients prioritize most of all is the quality of service they receive. By breaking down the barriers of the corporate world and bringing in the highest quality of visual presence to depict himself, Chris is able to give his clients confidence and ease from the very beginning. His images tell his story, show his personality, and give you an idea of who is going to be making your taste buds sing. 


The Branding Session focuses on all of your qualities and traits that are essential to the success of your brand, company, business, etc. We shape the session to fit your wants and needs and curate the images and sets to appeal to your audience in a new and refreshing way.