A Branding Session with Betsy Davison

In today's business world, to be successful one must be original, appeal to their audience, and have something everyone else doesn't. It is key to show off your uniqueness that will attract customers and clients to your brand for it's one of a kind services. Through A Branding Session, you will be able to show that off and shine in the best light. 


Betsy Davison

Betsy Davison is an eager and inspiring entrepreneur who changed the photography business. She is influenced by the shared economy format through which she created her own company, Space for Arts (SFA) that has brought easy access and seamless coordination to photographers and studio owners around New York City and beyond!



Space For Arts

Space For Arts is an online marketplace that allows professionals in the photography business to connect and help one another. Through this site, photographers can search the best and most fitting studios for rent that most match up to their needs and visions for their shoots. By providing this access to hundreds of spaces around New York, photographers now have a plethora of options that might have not been available to them before. The studios range in price, location, and amenities, providing an wide range to choose for the perfect shoot. 

Space for Arts also allows studio owners to promote their space by allowing photographers to use advantage of what they can offer. Through SFA, they know that their space is being rented out by respectful professionals and they'll be able to further their connections with these creatives and advertise their space far and wide.

SFA is the first online platform of its kind and has seen an extremely successful outcome thanks to the dedication and efforts placed by Betsy and the Space For Arts team.


For Betsy's shoot, I took the time to sit down with her to learn more about her goals and aspirations of SFA. We chatted about her image as the face of the company being an important part in connecting one-on-one with the clients. We worked within the studio, created a mock setup in-studio, and I attended "Talking Pictures" a workshop by Dan Winters to shoot on-location. I got to experience Betsy in various settings, giving me a well-rounded taste of who she is as a business woman and an individual. This helped me craft her perfect shoot that brings forth all her unique qualities. 

It was a pleasure working with her to help her connect on a deeper level with her clients and to establish a personal connection which has allowed her to expand her business and get to know her clients better. Through a well balanced and individualized visual presence, her clients are more likely to trust her and reach out without hesitations or doubts of who they are talking to. A strong visual presence creates trust, builds a solid foundation, and shows off who you are and your dedication to your brand. 


Thanks Betsy!