A Branding Session with Audrey Lee and CitiLight Realty Group

Whether your company or brand consists of just you or a team of people, it's important to let your clients know they're in good hands. Giving potential clients a glimpse of who is taking care of them and the brains and hearts of the service they receive allows for a better experience. Make them feel comfortable by letting them know who you are and who your company consists of.


Citilight Real Estate is comprised of a team of real estate agents with connections to the hottest properties in town. They are dedicated to providing their clients with not just a house, but a place they can call home at the best price.

Audrey Lee is the founder of CitiLight Group where she and her dedicated staff are constantly on the search for the best properties for their clients. Since she works directly with her clients, one-on-one, it is important for her to establish a trusting and close relationship so that she can curate her searches based on each client's individual wants and needs.  


For the CitiLight Realty Group Branding Session, I wanted to focus on the strength of teamwork that this group cherishes. Their joint efforts make their company succeed on the daily, which was essential to capture for their visual presence. I got the group together and found such an easy-going and supportive dynamic that their clients know and appreciate. 


A Branding Session not only brings out the best in you but also your company. Whether you're the one and only or you have a large team on your side, we aim to capture the essence of what your company stands for and who is responsible for its success. The aim is to focus on the parts that create the whole, to highlight the details, and concentrate on your purpose so that your clients can have a clear picture of who you and your brand are and stand for.