What Inspires Me--2

Many times I question to myself about whether I am an artist or simply just a photographer. If you are a photographer and reading this, you may understand where this question comes from. Another question comes after is what makes a photograph to be an art piece.... 

My personal answer to these questions is "Is there concept behind?" : inspiration, ideas or reason.. When people hear the word "concept," I notice they assume that concept needs to be something extravagant, artsy, sophisticated or eccentric. All wrong... Concept can hit you from anything, any instance or objects. Just anything. As far as it stimulates your feeling or 6th sense, those anything can be a particular concept for us.  Then next step will be up to me. Meaning execution. My medium of execution is needless to say photography. Thought process takes more than a week or sometimes months or even forever... This thought process takes longest time and most energy for me. Once everything is sketched out, shooting itself is just documenting my ideas and concept through the camera. At this point, I am an artist. Because my intention is solely on EXPRESSION. Not looking for any commercial or monetary compensation out from it. 

After my initial conversation with Anna Xiao to discuss about the shoot, the word "Revelation" strongly appealed to me and over the days, I drew images of what I was visioning. Planning on how I want to execute these visions also took a while. Shooting was rather easy and quick which surprised everyone who worked on this project. In the project, I literally wanted to show the process of revelation in some metaphoric way. Using rough baurlap as background was to enhance "rawness" and "Bareness." It creates contrast between Anna and rough texture.

Thanks to Anna, the model and Weejae Joung, the grommer and Young Kim, the viedographer, this project became one of my favorite art works! Thank you all.