What Inspires Me

Creative Shin Studio co-hosted one of the SPD(Society Publication Designers Association) events last week together with Space for Arts.

Allyson, a president of SPD and Betsy, a founder of Space for Arts organized and prepared everything needed seamlessly prior to the event. We had planned this event over a month and it was a joy to see everything came together finally on the day. Even though it rained entire day, many attendees shined the evening with pleasant energy, talks and smiles.

Our guest speaker, Kira Pollack, a Director of Photography at Times concluded the evening to be memorable, deeply touched and emotionally charged through her heartfelt speech and imageries/films she presented to us. Power of photojournalism is again reminded and its beauty was assured through her presentation.

Again Creative Shin Studio thanks to SPD as well as Space for Arts for such a fascinating evening and we hope to have them again!