Arena Homme Shoot at Creative Shin!

This past week we shot for the June Issue of Arena Homme at Creative Shin Studio! It was incredibly exciting to see this photoshoot come together after the weeks of planning that went into this story! The concept was formed around ideas of fetish and a playful tongue and cheek wit. Our two models, Gia and Bobby, both had big personalities and they put their full selves into the character of the story. Gia naturally evokes sex appeal, and it's no wonder she was featured on the cover of Playboy. In contrast, Bobby's strong build and editorial look added an interesting dynamic between the two. He is quite the entrepreneur himself, starting his own sunglasses line, Bobby Rochae. We were lucky to sneak a a pair into the story! It was once again an amazing team that resulted in this fabulous story, we can't wait for it to come out this summer! 

Stylist: Carlos Davis

Makeup: Aeriel D'Andrea 

Hair: Corey Tuttle 


Bobby Rochae @ Q Models

Gia Geneveive @ One.1Management