Creative Shin Studio Holiday Party!

As always, hosting a party is such an exciting thing to do and it is refreshing as well. Love the entire process of selecting a date, choosing image for an invitation and invitees, foods and drinks. Lots of work goes behind and thought process needed and yet with extreme joy!

Although there was a delay of a party date because of the studio schedules, all of the lovely friends, peers and clients came to celebrate the holiday spirit together. Pure laughters, conversations, toasting and cheers made the night to fly high!

Creative Shin Studio, specially, thanks to Sangmi Kim, Willie, Nina who performed amazing songs. Everyone truly enjoyed their performance.

Creative Shin Studio wishes everyone of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. ALSO! Happy New Year as well. This new coming year will bring you rock solid health, happiness in every aspect of life and peace no matter whatever the situations you are in.

Big heartfelt hugs go out to you....