Our Fabulous Shoot with Sylvia Tosun!

We were incredibly excited and honored to shoot with singer and songwriter, Sylvia Tosun, at her elegant home this past weekend. Born in rural Wolcott, Connecticut Sylvia was raised on the music of talents such as Ella Fitzgerald, George Gershwin, and the infamous Barbara Streisand. She learned piano and dance at a young age and later studied at Julliard. Sylvia released her first EP, To Close To The Sun, in 2000 and continued to create music embracing pop, rock, dance music, and electronica. We were delighted to collaborated with Sylvia and Anton, both partner and producer, on this shoot for her upcoming album release of "Winter Burn." This newest album is targeted towards the genre of trance, a form of electronic music. It was a wonderful shoot and the images came out beautiful among the elaborate and elegant interior Sylvia designed herself! 


Stylist: Carlos Davis