Deux Hommes The Global Issue Cover Shoot

Jared Robin and Carlos Basora walked into our studio for the first time a few months ago. Conversation began over espresso (as any civil one should!) discussing the magazine's concept and mission. What became clear was that every person sitting around the table was looking to manifest something unique, innovative, and provocative. Deux Hommes 3rd Issue, The Global Issue, made point to solely feature emerging Korean Designers sharing insights from designers personal journeys, as well as Korea's cultural & historical impact on the fashion industry. The cover shoot was designed to evoke sentiments of both tradition as well as modern, contemporary fashion: a blending of two worlds. 

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Creative Director: Carlos Basora

Assistant Stylist: Keviin Kang

Assistant Stylist: Leo Chang

Makeup: Seong Hee Park

Hair: Isaac Davidson

Model: Lena Melcher at IMG