Our Nude Shoot with Nic & Vic !

Nic & Vic are both passionate, driven individuals pursing their creative paths in New York City. Nic is a talented hair stylist originally from California and Vic is a gifted singer/songwriter/musician from Austraila. We had the pleasure of meeting Vic while working on a photoshoot that Nic was styling, and they both expressed interest in the nude portraiture albums we had on display. Fast forward a a few weeks, and they both returned for their own nude photoshoot! It was truly exciting for us to photograph our first couple together within this genre and to experiment with positioning two bodies in the frame. Nic & Vic were both so open and willing on their part to try out certain ideas (whether they worked out or not!) and it truly became a collaborative process. It was inspiring to see the human body with such vulnerability and self expression. The resulting images were stunning, but what was most gratifying was to see just how much they appreciated these captured moments. 

Makeup: Michele Hernandez

Hair: Nich Santoyo