Dara shares her photoshoot experience at Creative Shin Studio

Working with Hyuna and her team was quite honestly one of the most enjoyable experiences of my pregnancy. I was lucky enough to have Hyuna capture a very special time in my life. We opted to do a nude photoshoot during my 8th month of pregnancy. My insecurities and nervousness were eating at me the entire way to her studio, but once I arrived it all dissipated. Her professionalism was outstanding. I never imagined that I would feel so comfortable and beautiful during this chapter in my life. She truly has a gift when it comes to making one feel at home while capturing the most incredible photos. Hyuna also has a wonderful team of trained professionals that aided in my hair, make-up and added to the overall aura of luxury her entire studio exudes. I really count myself as being very lucky that I got to work in such a gorgeous studio with an amazing Photographer. This experience will be a memory I cherish forever. I would be anxious to work with her and her team again, maybe this time with clothes on ;)