Sylvio's MAESTRO Collection is stunning. We had the pleasure of meeting the designer this past spring when we shot his lookbook on a New York City rooftop. What's so unique about this collection is his desire to bring art and originality back into fashion. This can be seen in the meticulous craft and artistry of hand sewn-details that literally bare the "artist's hand" and vision. Sylvio's fabulous designs have recently caught the public's eye and that of Kelly Clarkson. He is currently traveling on tour with the celebrity singer who is showcasing his pieces on stage! It was such an exciting shoot and we look forward to seeing Sylvio's MAESTRO Collection in many other places! 

Designer: Sylvio Roubertto Kovacic

Hair: Nich Santoyo

Styling: Alejandro Garcia 

Makeup: Michele Hernandez