Our Maternity Shoot with Dara!

Dara is absolutely lovely. She walked into our studio, belly first, on that Saturday morning with the grace and poise of a radiant mother to be. We were absolutely enthralled to have the opportunity to photograph a maternity nude shoot. Seeing that our work is primarily inspired by the shape and form of the human body, it seemed only fitting to observe and honor such a magnificent moment in a woman's life. Maternal women have been documented by master painters, sculptors, mythologists for centuries and yet still to this day it has the power to amaze. Whatever caution or timidness Dara felt at first when we placed her in front of the camera quickly dissolved as she gained a sense of comfort in documenting the special moment for herself and her baby. What made the event more memorable was having Dara's mother, Joy, there to experience this with her. It was a gratifying moment for us as we watched their faces fill with genuine excitement and emotion when they looked through the images. We couldn't have been happier with the photoshoot and wish Dara & her family the very best!

Hair & Makeup: WeeJae Joung