Fusion TV The Naked Truth About Male Models Featuring Creative Shin Studio!

Two months ago, we held a photoshoot at Creative Shin Studio with model Cameron Keesling, who was at the time being featured by Fusion TV on a documentary about the lives of male models. On Tuesday night, their feature, The Naked Truth About Male Models, finally aired! It was an honest, eye opening perspective into the stories behind the faces that fill our billboards and the struggles of being in the industry. We were incredibly excited to be a part of this production and encourage everyone to take a look at the full feature on Fusion TV!

Visit Fusion Page: http://fus.in/glamorous

YouTube playlist: http://bit.ly/1dJzQfI

Producer: Bradley Blackburn

Host: Pedro Andrade

Model: Cameron Keesling 

Styling: Keviin Kang

Clothing: Leeoh Lee 

Hair:  Taka Tokuyama

Makeup: Daniella Satcher