Our week with Archival Magazine!

Creative Shin Studios had the exciting opportunity last week to rent it's space out to Archival Magazine in order to film  interviews contributing to their larger project encompassing the modern history of Iran. We weren't exactly sure what the topic of their research was when the call was received, but nevertheless we were intrigued to see the studio re-appropriated for their production. Though we spoke through email and phone calls, when producer Shannon Neihus, assistant producer Maureen Olund, and researcher Lena Dirbashi arrived at Creative Shin I was struck by not only their genuine nature, but their dedication to such an extensive project. This powerful team has been researching and filming interviews for almost 2 years now traveling to various places around the world to reach over 40 interviewees.

Though tired from their flight the previous night, they were energetic to get the space situated and ready to welcome their first guest, Farzaneh Milani, an Iranian- American scholar and author teaching woman's studies at UVA. As lights dimmed and cues for camera rolling began, we couldn't help but feel the room silence in the presence of Farzaneh's eloquent voice telling stories of her own past and that of her country. The following interviews included an acknowledged historian, religious scholar, visuals artist, and human rights lawyer. It was quite an eclectic group of expertise and figures within and contributing to the modern history of Iran. I expressed this observation to Shannon and Lena who then explained that their approach was a holistic one, with no underlying political agenda. Their desire is to place the narrative of Iran back within a larger historical context and the hands of it's people. Mainstream media that flows through our TVs, computers, and phones have constructed one version of the story and these women were in search of revealing another. It was inspiring to meet such empowered individuals, ones that we may not have otherwise crossed paths with. And for that I am very grateful to a dear friend, Harley Ganges at Go Studios and Neo Studios NYC for introducing us! Our best wishes go out to Archival Magazine in completing their production and a big thank you to Neo Studios for all their outstanding help! Here's to many more projects at Creative Shin Studio!

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P.S. stay tuned on the project here: http://archivalmagazine.com/upcoming-series/