An Afternoon With Carlos Davis

Carlos is a dear friend of mine. And when I say "dear," I mean it. He is a fashion stylist, working in the New York industry for about 10 years now. Carlos never ceases to be an incredibly genuine, positive, talented, hard working, passionate person, always willing to help another at the ask. That's rare in this business. We have been lucky to have Carlos as a stylist for many of our nude shoots at Creative Shin. He typically arrives arms filled with garment bags, clothes, and concepts ready to go! At some point, we mutually agreed it was time for him to step out from behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

Having the mindset of a stylist, Carlos immediately began brainstorming ideas for his shoot, sending me images of amazing masks and pieces. Once a stylist, always a stylist right? Carlos walked into the studio that day prepared as it was any other shoot. And I remember having this moment of uncertainty... I thought "I have photographed models, friends, acquaintances, but it is entirely something else to photograph someone I know so intimately." Of course we've shared parts of our lives over countless conversations, but this was me asking him to pose naked in my studio for the next few hours. Not to mention, he was also switching roles from stylist to was new territory for the both of us! At the end, I remember he mentioned he forgot how hard it was being a model, both physically and mentally! Nevertheless, Carlos fearlessly put his whole into the shoot, and our collaboration produced some beautiful images. My gratitude goes out to Carlos Davis for modeling and Wee Jae for grooming!