Piccolo New York Lookbook

Monica and Susan Lee are absolutely infectious. There's really no other way to put it. This sister power duo that is PiccoloNY was forged out of a mutual love of fashion and savvy backgrounds in business. Growing up in the Hong Kong, they felt it's eclectic beat and multicultural environment influence a visual palette and drive to explore outside their home. They both attended school abroad in Europe, eventually moving to Boston to attend university. Although their lives are very much established here in New York, I can see how connected they are to their roots and the experiences outside the day to day routine of being a businesswoman, wife, and mother. This is what sets Monica and Susan apart. They are living full and busy lives beyond the runnings of PiccoloNY and yet they are genuinely passionate and grateful to have a creative outlet! Susan was telling us how they actually travel to the small, rural Mongolian villages where the Mongolian Cashmere goat resides to observe the process in person! I found this to be pretty amazing. They are extremely conscious of how their products are made so that they can provide a quality otherwise unaccessible. It was a real treat to watch Monica and Susan unpack their suitcase filled with vibrant scarves, ponchos, and hats. We couldn't wait to get these out and onto the street!

We photographed the model outside in the bustling Meatpacking area, blending urban scenes with iconic signs and open spaces. As we draped the vibrant colors and designs around the model, the scarves almost emitted a quality of otherworldliness transporting us to another place. It was a wonderful shoot, one that was enjoyed by all in spring's first rays of sunshine! Many thanks to Monic & Susan, PiccoloNY, Weejae for beautiful makeup, and Indre for being a fabulous model! Cheers!