Our Shoot with Cameron & Fusion TV!

Monday afternoon we received an unexpected call from ABC. Fusion TV wanted to come to Creative Shin to film a photoshoot with Cameron Keesling, a model I previously worked with a year ago. They were covering a story that explored the lives of male models: their personal journey into the field, the day to day motions, the glamorous as well as the not so glamorous side of the industry. Cameron had been gaining traction within the modeling world since we last worked together and was chosen as one of the candidates for Fusion's project. I was not at all surprised in their choice as Cameron is an incredibly charismatic, kind, friendly, and genuine being. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph him once again. 

With a limited time line, we had to gather a team together fast! Luckily, we had been planning to shoot a young, upcoming designer's lookbook the following week, and asked to have some of the pieces incorporated into the photoshoot. Leeoh's collection is incredible: classic, yet contemporary with a structural edge and elegance. We found the lines and draping fabric best represented through motion. Cameron was game. From the moment he entered the studio skateboard in hand and film crew trailing, he was ready to go. His enthusiastic, playful energy created room and space for experimentation ( and many jumps on his part! ) resulting in some amazing images. We could not have done it without our talented crew!! A big thank you to Keviin Kang for styling, Taka Tokuyama for hair, Daniella Satcher for makeup, and Leeoh for sharing his beautiful collection! Can't wait to see the final production on Fusion!