Happy Sue

Easy to laugh, care free, tough, straight forward, vivacious, wise, and yet slightly innocent: this is how I would describe Sue from the three years we've known each other through random gatherings. Before I even opened the studio, I was compiling a list of subjects to photograph for my portfolio, and I knew Sue had to be one of them. 

A week prior to the official photoshoot, she visited the studio to discuss the shoot among other things. As we sat down and talked, I had the chance to learn more about Sue and her life: what experiences she faced and how she managed to deal with them... it was simply jaw-dropping. I recognized what a brave woman she was, how her fearlessness and positive attitude towards life and all it's encounters enabled her to become the person she is today. Sue has been running a restaurant, which used to be the "go to hot-spot" in Korea town, called "Arang." The restaurant has recently been relocated to Flushing, Queens. As you can imagine, she is fully focused on driving up business in this new location,  but it's challenging beginning in a new neighborhood, as most New Yorkers have experienced personally at some point. However, through it all, she still remains her charming, young, energetic, optimistic self!

The nude shoot with her was, as you can tell by this point, so much of fun! I almost felt like I wasn't at work having time to play, laugh, and create beautiful images with this stunning woman. She came fully charged with energy and jokes for us all! What a great time with lovely Sue!