Texture, Rock, Sexy and Mood

This time around, the project with Daniel Roldan was focused on texture of hair. Funky, rock, yet sexy looks. We casted two amazing models from Q models management for this: Anna Sophie and Indre Pisk. What brought such wonderful variety and depth to the shoot was the contrast between Anna's soft, feminine, and approachable look alongside Indre's strong, androgynous presence. 

Fashion styling wise, instead of drawing on preconceived ideas of "rock and funk" Carlos brought his own twist by introducing a full latex wardrobe for the shoot. The material is sexy, yet easily wearable. Paired with a jean or worn leather jacket the outfit can easily translate to a "rocker" look. It was a daring and genius choice! A comical highlight: we all learned a new interesting way of using "water based lubricant oil!" This was used to prevent the latex material from sticking to to the models skin and protect the latex from any wear and tear as we pulled on fitted gloves and thigh highs. 

The lighting was built to simulate an on location shoot outside an hour after high noon. 

We all had a great time shooting with Daniel Roldan, Abner James, the videographer, Anna and Indre from Q models NYC, Carlos Davis, fashion stylist!