Shoot with Alicia Minshew

If I'm being honest, last week's snow storm was the final straw! I was officially ready for winter to be over. So when Alicia Minshew walked into the studio radiant and beautiful it was almost as if I forgot about the subzero temperatures outside. Her natural grace and playfulness illuminated the space that day and we all fed off of her energy. Considering it was her first time posing nude in front of the camera, I was impressed how calm and poise she remained throughout the entire process. Although she could have been mistaken for model, Alicia is first and foremost an actress known for her role in the daytime drama "All My Children," portraying Kendall Harton. From meeting Alicia you would never know that she is also a wife and mother of a beautiful 4 year old daughter on top of her extensive career.

As intimidating as it may have been to take the first step onto the seamless, Alicia was soon pulled into the moment and mood of shoot. As the images began flowing on the screen I saw that she too had a desire to express a certain self in front of the lens. Although she acknowledged the initial bewilderment of working in this medium and genre, it did not take her long to draw the connections between her acting career. Alicia performed for us, morphing her body into a billow of soft curves and then transforming her stance into that of strong, powerful woman. 

At the end of the shoot Alicia approached me mentioning how she felt more empowered and confident after being photographed nude and how grateful she was to feel so comfortable with everyone on set. 

As a photographer, this meant a lot to me. Although creating beautiful imagery is a very important goal, interacting and reciprocating each other's vision and energy is much more important. This is even more true for nude photography as there is no other element to extract from other than the bare bodied figure placed in front of me. Therefore, my job as a photographer is not only to shoot, but to also make a meaningful and honest connection with the subject. 

Alicia's shoot was serene. My deepest appreciation goes out to Carlos Davis for styling and Seong Hee Park for the gorgeous make up and Christian for beautiful hair styling.

Sending a big hug to you all!