Nude Shoot With Manuel

Irregardless, every winter all of us complain of the weather, and the last couple weeks have been brutally cold. Thinking of shooting nude last Saturday was kind of mind boggling. I was worrying about the model being cold or anything else that might make him feel uncomfortable... However when the model, Manuel Franjo, walked in the studio, we all felt instant heat and warmth. Working with Manuel was as if I was working with a dancer or actor. There was a consistent reciprocation of energy during the shoot and it went as smooth as anyone could have wished for. The nude work that I am focusing on is emphasized by shape and mood of the subject. Manuel understood this right away and he expressed himself accordingly throughout the entire shoot. I have always been a huge admirer of Edward Weston's nude works. It is the major influence on my nude work and it will be the direction that I hope to explore with more and more people! My deepest appreciation to Carlos Davis for introducing me to Manuel and collaborating on this shoot. Tori and also Weejae Joung , our amazing make up artist. Amazing team again :)