Our kids lifestyle shoot with Triple Fat Goose!

Beginning in the late 1980s, Triple Fat Goose has delivered functional, weather tech savvy jackets to store racks. The demand has only risen over the past few years as these arctic jackets caught trend in the fashion scene and now flood the city streets of New York. And lets be honest, with the winters we've recently had, the need for functional, and of course fashionable winter coats has become an essential. We had the pleasure of meeting James, who has since taken over the family owned company from his father, and discussed some visual marketing ideas for this great line of jackets! Triple FAT Goose has not only a line for men, but boys as well. To capture these jackets on the move (literally!) we met up at a New Jersey playground and suited up some kids. We of course couldn't help but chuckle at the kids grimaces as the foundation makeup was applied, and parents restrained their excited squirms and pleas to play. It was such a fun afternoon keeping up with these balls of fire as they climbed and swung their way through the park. We caught some wonderful and genuine moments of these boys in their Fat Gooses!