What Inspires Me--2

Many times I question to myself about whether I am an artist or simply just a photographer. If you are a photographer and reading this, you may understand where this question comes from. Another question comes after is what makes a photograph to be an art piece.... 

My personal answer to these questions is "Is there concept behind?" : inspiration, ideas or reason.. When people hear the word "concept," I notice they assume that concept needs to be something extravagant, artsy, sophisticated or eccentric. All wrong... Concept can hit you from anything, any instance or objects. Just anything. As far as it stimulates your feeling or 6th sense, those anything can be a particular concept for us.  Then next step will be up to me. Meaning execution. My medium of execution is needless to say photography. Thought process takes more than a week or sometimes months or even forever... This thought process takes longest time and most energy for me. Once everything is sketched out, shooting itself is just documenting my ideas and concept through the camera. At this point, I am an artist. Because my intention is solely on EXPRESSION. Not looking for any commercial or monetary compensation out from it. 

After my initial conversation with Anna Xiao to discuss about the shoot, the word "Revelation" strongly appealed to me and over the days, I drew images of what I was visioning. Planning on how I want to execute these visions also took a while. Shooting was rather easy and quick which surprised everyone who worked on this project. In the project, I literally wanted to show the process of revelation in some metaphoric way. Using rough baurlap as background was to enhance "rawness" and "Bareness." It creates contrast between Anna and rough texture.

Thanks to Anna, the model and Weejae Joung, the grommer and Young Kim, the viedographer, this project became one of my favorite art works! Thank you all.


Kreesha Turner Brings Shine to The Studio

Not only talented and beautiful but her shining personality enlightened Creative Shin Studio throughout the shoot with her. She is a Canadian/Jamaican recording artist and songwriter and known for "Bounce With Me" "Lady Killer" and "Don't Call Me Baby" from her first album.

Throughout the shoot, she remained very collaborative, humble, organic and yet playful herself. Everyone enjoyed sharing chats and laughter with her. Her healthy skin was glowing as well as beautiful curly hair was something everyone will envy! 

The shoot took a placed while she was visiting to NYC for movie premier "King of The Dance Hall" co-starring with Nick Cannon, Whoopi Goldberg and Kimzie Kim. It can be viewed on Youtube Red now.

Creative Shin Studio wishes all the best, happiness, health and success for Kreesha!

Crew Credit : Fashion Stylist /Salem    Hair Stylist : Corey Tuttle  Makeup Artist : Aldys Minaya



What Inspires Me

Creative Shin Studio co-hosted one of the SPD(Society Publication Designers Association) events last week together with Space for Arts.

Allyson, a president of SPD and Betsy, a founder of Space for Arts organized and prepared everything needed seamlessly prior to the event. We had planned this event over a month and it was a joy to see everything came together finally on the day. Even though it rained entire day, many attendees shined the evening with pleasant energy, talks and smiles.

Our guest speaker, Kira Pollack, a Director of Photography at Times concluded the evening to be memorable, deeply touched and emotionally charged through her heartfelt speech and imageries/films she presented to us. Power of photojournalism is again reminded and its beauty was assured through her presentation.

Again Creative Shin Studio thanks to SPD as well as Space for Arts for such a fascinating evening and we hope to have them again!

Max 'n Chester Mens' FW2017 Lookbook Shoot

Creative Shin Studio had the pleasure of photographing the Max n' Chester Mens' Lookbook for 2017FW.

Max n' Chester has been one of our top clients not only because of its fabulous collection and quality but also we are so charmed by both Peter and Anne Marie's personality, eccentricity and also elegant sense of endless humor. Always wits and laughters involved in the shoot.

Peter, the Creativeve Director/Founder, is not only gracious but a fantastic designer with charming British accent and attitude. He creates timeless pieces that men from all ages can wear. Max n' Chester do a great job of creating easy silhouettes; leading to modern and sophisticated looks. 

The shoot went fabulously, How could it not when one is  photographing beautiful pieces modeled by Steven from Q agency, who by the way looks epic in everything piece of Max n' Chester's. Steven's unique and gorgeous look, attitude and unforgettable mustache worked just fine as we were hoping to have for the look for 2017 FW.






Creative Shin Studio Holiday Party!

As always, hosting a party is such an exciting thing to do and it is refreshing as well. Love the entire process of selecting a date, choosing image for an invitation and invitees, foods and drinks. Lots of work goes behind and thought process needed and yet with extreme joy!

Although there was a delay of a party date because of the studio schedules, all of the lovely friends, peers and clients came to celebrate the holiday spirit together. Pure laughters, conversations, toasting and cheers made the night to fly high!

Creative Shin Studio, specially, thanks to Sangmi Kim, Willie, Nina who performed amazing songs. Everyone truly enjoyed their performance.

Creative Shin Studio wishes everyone of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. ALSO! Happy New Year as well. This new coming year will bring you rock solid health, happiness in every aspect of life and peace no matter whatever the situations you are in.

Big heartfelt hugs go out to you....

Caterwauling Towards The Light

Dusty comes with many hats: Musician, music film producer, singer song writer, former editor-in-chief of the music magazine "Creem", a contributor for Huntington Post. Also composed/produced sound track of movie "Italian Movie" So many to list....

His new album Caterwauling Towards The Light is inspired from his loss of father the year before and another tragic loss of his brother this year from motorbike accident. However each song has deeper meanings not just about death or loss. Metaphors about life, love, illness and true destiny. Beautifully written and artistically produced with so many layers of harmony, emotions and deep vibrations.

Shooting Dusty for this new album cover was very laid back and chill. His cool vibe stayed from the beginning till the end. He was very photogenic, collaborative and suggestive as well. As a photographer, all I wanted was to depict supporting images that captures DUSTY and his feelings and intention of the album. As always, it can be very challenging and yet it was such a joy of working with this man, Dusty.

Oh! One more hat of Dusty! He is mastery expert of "Tai-Chi." He demonstrated quick seconds of Taichi he has been practicing. Honestly, I can tell you he can be much better than any Chinese man! Hahaha. I can tell where this man gets clarity of life, his art works, calmness and energy that can embrace almost anything....


And Men Fall/Winter September 16

As always, shooting with talented and creative team is such a pleasure. Each member of the crew brings his or her best of the best whether it can be sometimes goofiness :) which helps, also, to elevate the entire mood of the shoot.

For this issue, we worked on presenting various ways of styling denims and few accessories for men's wear. There are many ways of coordinating denims. Recently "Denim on Denim" came into a trend and the stylist Carlos Davis reflects his own way of interpretation into the shoot. Very cleaver!

Photography was  focused on implying "Comforts and Movements" as we would expect to feel when denim works perfectly on our body!

Thanks to Kane and James from Q Models management. There were both very talented and beautiful models and heroes of the story.







Carmen Carrera with Nord Magazine Canada

Creative Shin Studio is delighted with the recent editorial featured on Nord Magazine publishing from Toronto Canada. The heroine of the story was Carmen Carrera. 

Carmen Roman, better known by her stage name Carmen Carrera is an American reality television personality, model, burlesque performer, and actress, known for appearing on the third season of the  Logo  reality television series RuPaul's Drag Race.

Having Carmen on set was very calming and fun experience. She was very charming, passionate and very solid. Thanks to the fashions stylist Salem from Canada, we had great opportunity featuring Charbel Zoe's Couture Collections. The collection shined throughout the shoot.

The concept of the shoot was "show girl" which has some sort of relevance to Carmen's career and persona in a way. 

Thank you Carmen for the great shoot and Nord Magazine!

Max'n Chester Mens Lookbook Shoot S/S 2017!

Before establishing Max'n Chester, Peter Trainor began working in the fashion industry as a designer and consultant for brands across the globe. This experience influenced his exquisite line that basis itself on genuine craftsmanship and refined products. Creative Shin was incredibly excited to shoot his Mens S/S 2017 Lookbook Collection at the studio this past week. The clothing racks arrived draping fabrics of the finest Japanese cotton in dreamy creams, denim blues, and khaki palettes. What is so unique about Max'n Chester is the clothing is designed in NYC and fully produced in Japan's top mills using their most authentic fabrics. You can feel this instantly just by grazing the linens, they are incredibly soft! As for the shoot, there was an effortlessness about that afternoon that transcended from the clothing on set; we truly enjoyed photographing this beautiful men's collection! Also, Max'n Chester will soon be launching their women's collection 2017 for the first time, so stay tuned! 

Stylist / Producer: Michael Macko

Stylist Assistant: Victor Lopez

Grooming: WeeJae Joung

Model: Francisco Perez @DNA 

Samuelsohn 2017 S/S Lookbook Shoot!!

We had the absolute pleasure of shooting Samuelsohn's 2017 S/S lookbook this past week at Creative Shin Studio! Samuelsohn is a luxury menswear brand originating in Canada that has continued to distinguish themselves over many decades with their meticulous craft & skill. For this particular collection, Samuelsohn was looking to demonstrate ideas of functionality and practicality within the line. With this concept in mind, we introduced active movements & motion on set and even threw in a soccer ball for our fabulous model, Rafael Breier, to kick around! We were so excited to work alongside Creative Director, Robert Lee, and Design Director, Lauren Gould, from the Howl Agency, who made such a power team! The photoshoot was filled with energy and an incredibly talented group of individuals who made this such a success! We are so looking forward to the collection's debut!

Creative Director: Robert Lee @ Howl Group

Design Director: Lauren Gould @ Howl Group

Fashion Stylist: Gregory Wein 

Groomer: Eloise Chung @ Kate Ryan Inc

Videographer: Abner James

Digital Tech: Alex Lopez

Model: Rafael Breier @ IMG 


Arena Homme

It's official! Arena Homme June 2016 publication is out and we couldn't be happier to see this amazing story spread on it's pages! With the collaboration of a talented team and fantastic models the concept of "The Stalker," evokes subtle ideas of fetish, with a sophisticated sensuality. It is our absolute pleasure to share this story with you and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

Stylist: Carlos Davis

Makeup: Aeriel D'Andrea 

Hair: Corey Tuttle


Bobby Rochae @ Q Models 

Gia Geneveive @ One Management  



We're so excited to announce that Daniel Roldan has been nominated as a NAHA 2016 finalist under the category of texture!! This was such an amazing shoot where we once again witnessed the meticulous skill & artistic vision that Daniel cultivates within his craft! Congratulations to Daniel and everyone involved in manifesting these stellar images, we are so happy to have been a part of it!! 

Hair: Daniel Roldan

Makeup: Alla Z. Roldan

Wardrobe: frecklesofubu Kristina Dada

Model: Indre Aleksiuk

Model: Alla Z. Roldan

Arena Homme Shoot at Creative Shin!

This past week we shot for the June Issue of Arena Homme at Creative Shin Studio! It was incredibly exciting to see this photoshoot come together after the weeks of planning that went into this story! The concept was formed around ideas of fetish and a playful tongue and cheek wit. Our two models, Gia and Bobby, both had big personalities and they put their full selves into the character of the story. Gia naturally evokes sex appeal, and it's no wonder she was featured on the cover of Playboy. In contrast, Bobby's strong build and editorial look added an interesting dynamic between the two. He is quite the entrepreneur himself, starting his own sunglasses line, Bobby Rochae. We were lucky to sneak a a pair into the story! It was once again an amazing team that resulted in this fabulous story, we can't wait for it to come out this summer! 

Stylist: Carlos Davis

Makeup: Aeriel D'Andrea 

Hair: Corey Tuttle 


Bobby Rochae @ Q Models

Gia Geneveive @ One.1Management




ATTN All Jean Lovers: Denim Story at Creative Shin Studio!

This past week Creative Shin Studio held a collaborative photoshoot inspired by none other than the infamous favorite: denim. Let's be honest, we all have that one pair of jeans that fit like a glove, or denim vest that adds a statement to an otherwise average outfit. The idea of this story was to play off of that carefree, fun energy while capturing a vintage, Americana vibe. We had the pleasure of working directly with Q Models on this shoot, selecting 10 models to gather on the big day. What made the images so compelling was the unique character of each model and how they translated their personality through the denim. We captured the moments as they laughed, danced, moved, and even jumped a few times ( see our Instagram! ) in the fabulously styled denim; sporting pieces from brands such as, The SquadMavi Jeans, Max n' Chester, RE;CODE, Boulezar, and Nosomnia. We had an absolute blast working with the group of Q Models and our talented styling / hair/ makeup team who made this shoot an amazing success. We can't wait to share more images with you! 

Stylist: Rod Novoa & Keviin Kang

Hair: Corey Tuttle

Makeup: Aeriel D'andrea

Video: Yvon 

Models @ Q Model Management 











Iris Von Arnim Showroom Rental at Creative Shin!

Creative Shin has recently been host to a new group of guests from oversees in Germany! This past December we had the pleasure of meeting representatives from Iris Von Arnim when they were scouting for a showroom location in New York. They fell in love with the open air loft space and returned this following February filling the studio with luxurious racks of cashmere and daywear knits that could make any New Yorker swoon in wintertime. It's wonderful to see the studio transform, whether for a photoshoot or visiting designer, it always seems to accommodate with an effortlessness! We so look forward to meeting new designers at Creative Shin in the future! 

To browse the Iris Von Arnim collection visit: http://irisvonarnim.com/

Hilton Hollis 2016 Lookbook Shoot!

Last week we had the pleasure of shooting the F/W 2016 Lookbook Collection for Hilton Hollis. It was wonderful to reconnect with Hilton after photographing his previous collection inspired by none other than the iconic Frida Khalo. Once again, we had the opportunity to play with constructing a new set within the studio, which is always fun! Deep blue walls and Venetian styled pieces framed the tailored jackets, flowing tops, and ornamental patterns that make up Hilton's fabulous line. It was such a great afternoon shooting with Hilton and the team! 

Stylist: Rod Novoa

Hair: Matthew Tuozzoli  

Makeup: Seong Hee Park

Model: Alexandria @ Women's 360 Management

Cover Shoot For Deux Hommes 4th Issue!

Creative Shin Studio was so excited to be apart of Deux Hommes 4th issue cover, The New Wave, which was recently released. This issue aspired to feature and share the voices of creative thinkers at the forefront of the fashion industry, whether they may be a fashion designer, photographer, makeup artist, or model. Our team for the cover shoot was exactly that : a collaboration between talented visionaries. We had a blast on set watching one another add their artist hand to the canvas styling with fabulous avant garde pieces and adding surprising splashes paint. The images turned out amazing, and we hope you will take the time to check out the full issue below! 

Creative Director: Carlos Basora 

Makeup: Moises Ramirez 

Model: Roberto at Soul Artist Management

To see the full magazine visit: http://issuu.com/deuxhommes/docs/deux_hommes_issue_4/3?e=14770372/33480649

Color Symphony Beauty Shoot for Deux Hommes!

Recently, Deux Hommes released their 4th issue, featuring one of our beauty stories, A Color Symphony. This beauty shoot manifested out of a playful collaboration with the talented makeup artist, Aerial Payne, and nail artist, Emi Aoki. The concept was color: pastel purple lipsticks, green eyeshadows, and close ups of glitter textured accents ( let's not forget the glitter!). The images fill the peripheral with floating pools of color that make for a delicious treat in the midst of our winter blues!

To view the full issue visit: http://issuu.com/deuxhommes/docs/deux_hommes_issue_4/5?e=14770372/33480649

Makeup: Aerial Payne http://aerieldandrea.com/

Nails: Emi Aoki

NAHA 2016 shoot with Daniel Roldan!

This past week we had the pleasure of working with a familiar face at Creative Shin Studio. Accomplished Matrix's Artistic Director, Daniel Roldan arrived early Thursday morning for his photoshoot for NAHA 2016. Previously traveling around the globe sharing his artistic & technical vision with aspiring hairstylists, Daniel has continued to develop his craft designing styling tools, such as the infamous Stitch. Daniel had a lot of great ideas to bring to the table this year for NAHA and it was an absolute blast shooting on set! We wish him the best of luck and look forward to revealing the images later this year! 


Indre at Q Models & Alla

PICCOLO New York's 2016 Lookbook Collection!

Monica and Susan are returning clients of Creative Shin Studio, and the two masterminds behind Piccolo New York. This sister duo founded the high end cashmere line in 2012, setting themselves a part from the many other scarf lines with the integrity and quality of their product. They oversee each meticulous step of creation from sourcing yarn of the Mongolian Cashmere goat, to hand drawing and printing the designs. You could say each is it's own work of art. We were so very happy to reunite with Monica and Susan to photograph their new line in store for 2016. The rich colors mesmerized us all as we photographed the pieces outside and inside the studio! It was yet again another wonderful photoshoot with Piccolo NY!


Hair & Makeup: E.J. Kim 

Model: Alexandra Karpova at Women/360